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Do you know what the best Retention tool is in NARFE?  It’s Dues Withholding!  Dues Withholding is a dues payment method that retirees, their spouses, and annuitant survivors have their annual NARFE membership dues deducted from their monthly annuity.


Now more than ever, members failing to renew their membership is a big problem for NARFE.  Recruiting new members tends to get the most emphasis; however, the increase in new members is offset by the non-renewal of existing members.  Dues Withholding is the perfect way to preclude members forgetting to renew their membership because they don’t have to worry about mailing their membership dues to NARFE HQ.  Once enrolled in Dues Withholding, 1/12 of a member’s total dues ($3.50 per month, plus 1/12 of their chapter dues (if a member of a chapter) are automatically deducted from their monthly annuity.  If both spouses are NARFE members, both spouses’ dues can be deducted from one of the spouse’s annuity.  Unfortunately, active federal employees, life members, and honorary members are not eligible to enroll in Dues Withholding.  

There are several advantages to enrolling in Dues Withholding.

•    Annual NARFE membership dues will be $42.00 versus $48.00, plus chapter dues (if member of a chapter).  That is a $6.00 per year savings or 15%.

•    Never receive another dues reminder from NARFE HQ via the U.S. mail or email.

•    Not have to worry about submitting annual dues to NARFE.  Membership will automatically be renewed in accordance with their current membership option (National-only or Chapter).


•    New Members can enroll in Dues Withholding when they join NARFE.  That means they don’t even have to submit their first-year dues ($48.00) to HQ. Instead, the first-year dues will be deducted directly from his/her annuity.  After the first year, the dues will be $42.00, plus applicable chapter dues (if chapter member).  There are no chapter dues the first year for new members. 


•    Continuous membership ensures the member never misses any NARFE benefits, such as NARFE Magazine, member-only portion of FEDHub, available travel discounts, and other member perks.  Member will be able to vote in all NARFE and Federation elections.  Also, only children and grandchildren of current NARFE members are eligible to apply for a NARFE college scholarship from the NARFE FEEA Fund. 


•    Member may cancel your dues withholding at any time.  


The GA Federation’s Dues Withholding Cash Incentive (rebate) Program has been in effect since 2011.  If a member enrolls in Dues Withholding directly thru the GA Federation, they will receive a $20.00 cash rebate check from the Federation.  Plus, the fiscal year they enroll in Dues Withholding, their name will be entered into a $100.00 cash prize drawing.  If they send the DW-2 or DW-3 directly to NARFE HQ, they will not receive the $20.00 rebate, nor will their name be entered into the cash drawing.  The Dues Withholding Cash Inventive Program is open to both chapter and National-only members. 

To sign up for Dues Withholding under the GA Federation’s Dues Withholding Cash Incentive Program, a member needs to submit one of the appropriate sets of the forms listed below to Janice Burgess, Federation Membership Chair, 600 Polaris Lane, Albany, GA 31721-9010. 


•    C-7/DW-2 (NARFE Member Request for Dues Withholding Rebate and NARFE Dues Withholding Application for NARFE Members who are Retirees, Spouses of Retirees or Annuitant Survivors)


•    C-8/DW-3 (NARFE New Member Request for Dues Withholding Rebate and NARFE Dues Withholding Application for NEW NARFE Members who are Retirees, Spouses of Retirees or Annuitant Survivors)

Members do not have to wait until their annual dues are due for renewal to enroll in Dues Withholding via the Federation’s Cash Incentive Program.  Members can submit their application at any time, and they will immediately receive the $20.00 cash rebate.  However, NARFE will hold the application in abeyance until about three months prior to the member’s annual renewal date before sending it to OPM.

Members need to ensure that their Social Security Number, Civil Service Annuity Number, and Date of Birth are included on the DW-2 or DW-3.  Why?  The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requires this data to ensure that the member has made the request and that the correct account is used.  This information will not be used by the GA Federation.  If the member opts to have their spouse’s dues deducted from their annuity, please check the YES block on the DW-2 or DW-3.  In order for the spouse to also receive a $20.00 cash rebate, please complete a separate C-7 or C-8.


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