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Suggestion / Sharing Program

As indicated at the Federation Convention, the GA Federation planned to roll out a number of new initiatives in an effort to reverse the downward trend in membership, to increase advocacy efforts, to develop and mentor future leaders, and etc. It's no longer business as usual and we've got to develop creative and innovative ways to operate. However, this effort must be a TEAM effort, with participation from all levels - the Federation Executive Board, District Vice Presidents, Chapter Presidents, and our members. Working together, the Georgia Federation will prosper and will achieve great things that other federations will want to emulate. The Georgia Federation is already a leader in Region III in several areas and our goal is to continue to be a leader not only in Region III but throughout NARFE. 

In view of the above and as indicated in the attached letter, effective immediately we have implemented the Suggestion and Sharing Program. We've got a lot of chapters doing some great things and we want to share these things with other chapters so they don't have to totally "reinvent the wheel." What works in one chapter may not work in another; however, some parts of it might. Also, the Federation is seeking suggestions how we can operate more efficiently and effectively and how we can better keep the members informed. We want members to submit suggestions. 

All Sharing Ideas and Suggestions must be submitted on the Suggestion and Sharing Form (GA Federation Form C-15) to Lynn Harper via e-mail at or via US Mail at 57 Crab Apple Drive, Hawkinsville, GA 31036. Sharing ideas will be posted on the Federation website (a new Sharing Section is being added to the website), in the Federation newsletter, and via written correspondence to the chapters and members. Suggestions, depending on the category, will be reviewed by a committee, and if deemed adoptable and cost effective, will be implemented at the earliest possible date and will be shared throughout the Federation. The member or Chapter submitting the suggestion will be notified as to the status of their suggestion. Communication is critical to the success of this program. 

Please share information about the Sharing and Suggestion Program with your members at your chapter meetings, in your chapter newsletter, and by face-to-face discussion. This is a program for everyone, not just a few. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or by phone at 478-892-3123. 


Lynn Harper
Federation President

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