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FEEA offers disaster relief grants to eligible federal employees for major losses due to natural disasters.  The maximum grant amount is $500.00. The exact amount of the grant provided is determined by FEEA.  FEEA’s ability to give grants is subject to the availability of funding.  FEEA relies on donations by concerned individuals/institutions to support its work.  Grants given for disasters not Presidentially-declared may be taxable to the recipient.

Individuals Eligible for Grants:  Full and Part Time Permanent Active Federal Employees and Postal Employees employed with the Federal government for more than one year.  Because of NARFE’s partnership with FEEA, NARFE members in good standing are also eligible for the disaster grant funds.  Priority is given to applicants who have not previously had a grant from FEEA and are suffering financial hardship

Eligible Grant Expenses:  FEEA does not offer grants for “minimal loss” situations, such as costs incurred for temporary evacuations during a storm or loss of perishables due to power loss.

·      Reimbursement of home repairs not covered by insurance

·      Temporary Lodging

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Procedures and forms are attached.  Please note that applications must be submitted electronically via email to  In fact, the application forms can be completed online.  Please make sure the procedures are followed and the appropriate attachments are included with the email.

Additional information, if needed, can be obtained by contacting FEEA at 202-554-0007 or

FEEA Disaster Relief Application Form

FEEA Scholorship Application

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