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NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund

NARFE has supported Alzheimer’s Research into the cause, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s as well as a cure for the disease.  NARFE members have donated more than $10 million to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund as of 2012.   At the 2012 National Convention, delegates voted to extend our current goal to $11 million in 2014.  100% of NARFE donations are allocated to research.



Made Payable to “NARFE Alzheimer’s Research”

Mailed to Federation Alzheimer’s Coordinator


 Lynda White

P.O. Box 21173

Saint Simons Island, GA 31522-0673

If personal check from a Chapter member, the Chapter number should be annotated on check.

Chapter checks must have number, name, and address of Chapter.


All Memorial Checks should include the name of the person as well as the Chapter number or the individual making a donation if a National member.

Anyone can make a memorial donation or honor gift to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Association Fund, including non-members.

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Shay at 678-849-9423 or


NARFE Alzheimer’s Chapter Coordinator’s Manual

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