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NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund

NARFE has supported Alzheimer’s Research into the cause, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s as well as a cure for the disease.  NARFE members have donated more than $10 million to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Fund as of 2012.   At the 2012 National Convention, delegates voted to extend our current goal to $11 million in 2014.  100% of NARFE donations are allocated to research.



  • Made Payable to “NARFE-Alzheimer’s Research” 

  • Mailed to Federation Alzheimer’s Coordinator 

Donna Dowling

110 Fair Oaks Court

 Leesburg, GA  31763

  • If personal check from a Chapter member, the Chapter number should be annotated on check. 

  • Chapter checks must have number, name, and address of Chapter. 

  • All Memorial Checks should include the name of the person as well as the Chapter number or the individual making a donation if a National member. 

  • Anyone can make a memorial donation or honor gift to the NARFE Alzheimer’s Association Fund, including non-members. 

  • Questions should be directed to Donna Dowling at 229-886-0130 or            


NARFE Alzheimer’s Chapter Coordinator’s Manual

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