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The GA Federation has launched a new initiative to recruit new members and to provide our current members information to assist them in staying healthy, for personal growth, improving life and technical skills, keeping abreast of the latest on a variety of topics, or just to provide training.  This initiative is the brainchild of DeKalb County Chapter 380.


This new initiative will be a series of free one hour “Lunch and Learn” sessions (via Zoom) targeted to active and retired federal employees and to both NARFE and non-NARFE members.


It’s amazing how many current and former federal employees have never heard of NARFE and the many benefits NARFE has to offer, from an outstanding Federal Benefits Department available to answer simple and complex questions on benefits, powerful representation and advocacy on Capitol Hill, access to professionally presented webinars and learning opportunities on federal benefits, numerous perks, and a lot in between. NARFE is the trusted source of knowledge for the federal community.  More importantly, NARFE continues to be the only organization solely dedicated to the general welfare of all federal workers and retirees.

NARFE lost over 14,000 members in 2021, and we’ve got to take steps to reverse the downward spiral in membership.  The new Lunch and Learn sessions are just one of the steps that the Federation is putting into place to do what we can to reverse the membership decline.

The first Lunch and Learn session will be a webinar entitled “Whistleblower Protection:  What Federal Employees Need to Know.”  It is scheduled to be held via Zoom on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, from 12 Noon – 1:00 PM EDT.  The presenter will be one of Chapter 380’s members, retired Merit System Protection Board Judge Richard Vitaris, who is a subject matter expert on this topic. I’ve seen the slides for his presentation and it’s going to be a very informative presentation.

If you are some of your friends or relatives would like to attend the March 16th session, please contact Linda Leary at 404-451-2966 not later than March 11, 2022 to register.  A Zoom invitation will be sent to those registering one day prior to the webinar. 

While our first Lunch and Learn session is on a technical subject, we need to hear from you as to topics you would be interested in for future sessions.  Maybe a session on “How to Use Facebook,” “Guidelines for Meeting with a Member of Congress or His/her Staff,” “Staying Healthy,” “Financial Planning,” etc.  These sessions will be presented by current NARFE members who have the expertise which they would love to share with others.  For example, maybe you were a Nutritionist for a VA Medical Center and would be willing to teach a class on “Eating Healthy.”  The range of topics for possible Lunch and Learn sessions is unlimited.


Request you contact Linda Leary at 404-451-2966 and let her know possible topics for our lunch and Learn sessions.  Also, if you or a fellow NARFE member is willing to be a presenter at one of the sessions, please provide Mrs. Leary your contact information.  The monthly sessions will be held on the third Wednesday of each month from 12 Noon – 1:00 PM.

It is the Federation’s goal for the Lunch and Learn sessions to become an integral part of the GA NARFE Federation.  This initiative can be a win-win situation for the members, the Federation, and for NARFE.  Together we can grow NARFE’s membership using the expertise of our members.

Please let your friends (active and retired) know about our Lunch and Learn sessions and encourage them to participate.


I look forward to seeing you on the Zoom screen at one or more of these Lunch and Learn sessions.


Lynn T. Harper

GA Federation President

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