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What is a PAC?  A PAC is a Political Action Committee that administers, disburses, and discloses voluntary contribution funds. Every PAC must register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and must file periodic reports disclosing money raised and spent to the FEC.

NARFE-PAC is the only solicitation that directly supports NARFE’s core mission of protecting and preserving the pay and benefits of all active and retired federal employees.  It is essential in defending the Federal community from attacks to earned pay and benefits.  It helps elect lawmakers who support federal employees/retirees.  It is the third leg of NARFE’s advocacy strategy stool (lobbying, grassroots actions, and NARFE-PAC contributions). 

·      It is a separate, segregated fund that is comprised only of voluntary contributions from NARFE members specifically for political purposes.

·      Helps to fund NARFE’s Political Arm in Washington

·      Helps to fund Campaigns

·      Can make a difference in who wins elections

·      Helps to build relationships with key policy makers

 Contributions to Candidates:

·      A candidate or incumbent must submit a written request to NARFE National for NARFE-PAC funds.  If Federation/Chapter receives request for NARFE-PAC funds from candidate, it must be forwarded to NARFE’s Legislative Department at

·    Who makes the final decision on distribution of NARFE-PAC funds to candidates and how are these contributions made to the candidates?  NARFE’s Legislative Department will send an e-mail to the Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator, with copy furnished to the Federation President, requesting a recommendation regarding a candidate being considered for a NARFE-PAC contribution.  The Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator will coordinate with the applicable Chapter NARFE-PAC Coordinator(s) regarding his/her recommendation regarding the contribution.  If possible, NARFE members in the respective Congressional District should be polled.  Within two weeks of receipt of the request, Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator should respond to the request with a recommendation regarding the candidate. 

The NARFE Legislative Department presents recommendations for PAC contributions to the NARFE-PAC Board.


The recommendations include feedback from the Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator.

The NARFE-PAC Board, which is comprised of the NARFE National President, National Secretary/Treasurer, and the NARFE Legislative Director, make the final decision on NARFE-PAC contributions.

The amount of the contribution is not based on the amount of NARFE-PAC contributions from that particular state.

Collecting NARFE-PAC Contributions and Sending Them to Headquarters:

·      Chapter NARFE-PAC Coordinators are encouraged to solicit contributions from members at Chapter Meetings.  Make it clear that the contributions are voluntary.

·      Chapter NARFE-PAC Coordinators should consolidate the cash contributions and send them to NARFE HQ, ATTN:  Budget and Finance, 606 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, via a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check.  Checks should be made payable to:  NARFE-PAC.

·      Chapter NARFE-PAC Coordinator should use the NARFE –PAC Collection Form (available on the NARFE website or from the Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinator) to record membership ID, name, the amount of cash or check given by each member and whether they need a pin sent from HQ.  Write NO if a pin was given at the time of the contribution.

·      For members wanting to sign up for monthly Sustainer contributions or make a one-time credit card contribution, provide the NARFE-PAC Contribution Form (a copy iis available on both the GA Federation website ( or the NARFE website) or in the NARFE-PAC Brochure (it includes the contribution form).   


There are some IMPORTANT RULES that every Chapter and Federation, as well as members must follow regarding NARFE-PAC and donations to NARFE-PAC.


·      Chapter or Federation funds cannot be contributed.  Federal campaign finance laws prohibit dues monies and general funds from being diverted to NARFE-PAC.

·      Individual contributions cannot be consolidated and sent to NARFE on a Chapter or Federation check.  Funds should be sent via cashier’s check, money order, or personal check.

·      There can be no commingling with other NARFE monies (i.e., membership dues or other non-dues revenues).

·      Chapter and Federation NARFE-PAC Coordinators, Chapter and Federation Leaders, and members meeting with candidates must avoid any illegal or potentially illegal statements or suggestions.  The Federal Elections Laws must be followed.

·      Campaign contributions may not be given in exchange for official acts or promises of official acts or promises of official acts by the candidates.  Money is not given in exchange for votes, cosponsoring bills, or any other official act.

·      When meeting with candidates or candidates’ staff in their Congressional offices, DO NOT  discuss NARFE-PAC contributions!  Why?  Staff and legislators are conducting official government duties within these government-owned buildings.

·      NARFE-PAC contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

·      In order to receive the basic NARFE-PAC label pin, a member must contribute at least $25.00 during the election cycle.  This is a change from minimum $20.00 contribution during the 2013-2014 election cycle.

·      NARFE-PAC checks are sent directly to the candidates’ campaign by NARFE Budget and Finance Department; they are not sent to Federation or Chapter Officers to present to the Member of Congress or candidate.

·      Do Not use commercial transitions such as bake sales or raffles to raise money because the FEC regulations governing these transactions are complex, and the possibility of violating them is great.


A wealth of NARFE-PAC information is available on the NARFE website ( at the Legislative Home Page. By clicking on the NARFE-PAC Toolkit, information is readily available. 

It is NARFE’s goal that every NARFE member makes a NARFE-PAC contribution and becomes a proud part owner of the federal employees’ and retirees’ defense fund.  Remember, the determining factor in the decision of “who receives PAC funds” is the voting record and stated support of the politician for NARFE issues.


606 North Washington Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1914
(703) 838-7760 • Fax (703) 838-7782

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